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"The ultimate guide to finding what marketing channel is right for your law firm"
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In a pandemic and post-pandemic world, managing a successful law firm is harder than ever. Many lawyers have the same frustrations that the new age is only amplifying. Calls aren’t coming in, the clients are increasingly unqualified, and their firm isn’t as profitable as they need it to be. But what if there was one type of marketing lawyers could use that would completely revolutionize the trajectory of their firm? 

In Calculable, Erik and Elliot Alicea - co-founders of Empirical360 and MarketingBros™ - systematically lead lawyers to the conclusion that there is one marketing method that rises above the rest, and explain how its value would be immeasurable…. if the marketing method’s key strength wasn’t that it rendered future growth completely predictable. Every lawyer who is hungry for a simple yet powerful solution to their growth problems can benefit from the insights that Calculable has to offer! Encounter the marketing “secret” that is changing the game for thousands of lawyers across the world. 

What's Inside? (Preview Below)

Chapter 1 Introduction: Why You Should Read This Book

The most important question to answer in any situation is "why", and that's how Calculable begins - by telling lawyers exactly what they stand to gain from reading this book and why every lawyer looking to grow their firm should read it.

Chapter 2 Goldilocks & Your Law Firm: Understanding The Value Of Your Business’s Marketing Potential

Most lawyers don't realize how unique and advantageous their business model is. In this chapter, lawyers will get a new perspective on their firm's potential growth that they may not have considered before. 

Chapter 3 The More You Know: Evaluating Different Marketing Platforms

It's impossible to choose the right marketing platform for your firm if you don't know the benefits each one offers...and the potential, inherent drawbacks. In this chapter, we'll review popular options like SEO, buying leads, PPC, billboards, and more to give you a well-rounded idea of your options.

Chapter 4 Avoiding The Road To Somewhere: Determining Which Marketing Channel Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Now that you know the pros and cons of each marketing option, it's time to take a closer look at your choices and compare them to your firm's goals and unique model. Only when you have a specific end goal can you determine which advertising method is the wisest investment.

Chapter 5 Laying The Foundations: How To Make Sure Your Advertising Efforts Don’t Collapse

Regardless of which advertising method you choose, there's a few things that every law firm needs to have in place if they want to win at marketing. This chapter will help you lay the groundwork for a solid advertising future. 

Chapter 6 A Brief History Of Empirical360: Why You Should Trust What We Say

Before we reveal the golden marketing method we know works best for lawyers, this chapter explains who we are and chronicles the events that led us to write this book.

Chapter 7 Hidden Treasure: Uncovering The Marketing Method That Can Help Lawyers Win

In this chapter, we'll reveal the winning marketing method that we have proven can help law firms grow quickly. It's reliable, it's scalable, and the benefits are numerous. We didn't create it, but we have used it, and we know the results are unmatched.

Chapter 8 A Leap Of Certainty: Concluding Thoughts & Next Steps

Now that you know what marketing method you should use, what now? The last chapter will help reinforce the main ideas of the book and give you guidance on what your next steps should be.

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